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The Reed ePod

Introduced in The Reed Bed Book on natural wastewater management, the Reed ePod is a next generation system that takes a significant step in the development of reed beds.

In past years, many types of containers have been used for domestic reed beds by practitioners seeking an environmentally benign and ethical approach to household wastewater treatment. For example, plastic-lined trench-type systems, large stock water troughs, aquaculture tanks, rendered masonry, and formed concrete. 

Although it has been commendable that reed beds can be adapted to various types of containers, a deficiency has been a compromise in consistency, connectivity between containers, and performance.

This is where the Reed ePod steps in to provide a uniform product with consistent components and optimum performance. Here it is at the factory.

Reed ePod tank

Reed ePod Features

There are several unique features not found in other reed bed systems;

  • the inflow arrangement
  • the flow system through the reed bed
  • the outflow box

The tank volume is 7000 litres and is significantly larger than the biggest stock trough that has been used for reed beds in the past. 

Just two Reed ePod tanks are required to treat the largest flows from a household. 

Made from UV stabilised polyethylene, the tanks are very robust. Designed to be inserted into the ground, the Reed ePod tanks are expected to have a life exceeding 50 years.

Reed ePod graphic image

Looking for a natural wastewater treatment system?

Find out more about the Reed ePod and what’s included in the package by making an inquiry at the CONTACT page.

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