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The “Easy Fit 12” Bridge

The “Easy Fit" bridge has been designed for the owner builder and small construction firm, and suits applications on farms and anywhere else where short span crossings of up to 12 metres are required. 

The “Easy Fit” is for light loads to allow farm utes, stock, and small tractors to cross creeks and drains and other surface depressions.

It is also ideal as a walkway/cycleway bridge for parks and trails. 


The “Easy Fit” bridge components

  • 2 steel beams placed on concrete pad footings
  • cross bracing to add to stability
  • treated timber decking (e.g. 2 layers of regular treated pine sleepers or other appropriate timber decking) connected to the top flanges of the beams
  • handrail system

Advantages of the “Easy Fit” bridge system

  • clear span across small watercourses and drains
  • shallow profile thereby resulting in minimal interference with the flood water area
  • off-the-shelf products used
  • simple to erect with few components
  • able to be constructed on-site as a D-I-Y project 
  • no heavy cranes required 
  • decking can consist of any timber product suited for the purpose
  • lower overall cost than comparable products

Is this bridge for you? 

The “Easy Fit 12” package consists of;

  • how to do a site assessment 
  • steel fabrication plans for spans up to 12 metres
  • maximum load of 2 tonnes (suitable for most light farm vehicles and general passenger vehicle access)
  • construction procedures

Here’s a sample plan of the “Easy Fit” bridge.

Easy Fit bridge

Need a longer span bridge?

The “Easy Fit 14”  is for spans up to 14 metres.

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